Anti-Slip Floor Coating Services in GA

Whether you’re concerned about workers’ compensation claims or if you just want to feel safer in your own home, we can help you sleep easy. We provide professional anti-slip floor coating services in Georgia for your commercial or residential property. For the business owner, we provide a variety of commercial OSHA-compliant floor services to ensure the well-being of your employees and guests. The majority of workers’ comp claims result from employees slipping, so safer floors will mean less long-term expenses for you. In addition, you’ll save money by avoiding non-compliance fines from OSHA. Looking to make your home safer? Our anti-slip floor coating services in Georgia will keep your bathrooms, pool decks, lobbies, warehouses, and more safe when wet.


Bathrooms are home to some of most slippery surfaces in your home. Your bathtub, shower, and floors are typically made from ceramic, tile, or marble. When wet, these surfaces can become extremely slick and hazardous. If you’re a landlord or homeowner with children or senior citizens in your building or home, investing in anti-slip coatings for your bathrooms is a must to ensure their safety.

Pool Decks

Whether you’re a homeowner with a private pool in your backyard or a hotel owner, investing in slip-resistant coatings for your pool area is a good idea. During the summer months, there are bound to be children running around the pool, despite your or the lifeguard’s efforts to make them walk. Without the proper precautions, someone may slip and hurt themselves. Our non-slip services for pool decks in Georgia will provide a safer experience for everyone.


Ensure your guests’ safety with our non-slip lobby services in Georgia. Whether the floor has been cleaned recently or is wet from the rain, treating your lobby floors will provide a safe experience for your visitors and protect you from potential lawsuits.


Keep your workers are safe by treating your warehouse floors. Along with protecting your employees from potential injuries, our services also protect you from future lawsuits.

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