Bathtub & Shower Floor Anti-Slip Coatings in GA

The bathroom is an essential component of any home. It’s an oasis where you can prepare for the day or unwind. However, the bathroom has many of the slipperiest surfaces in your home. The bathtub and shower floors can be especially hazardous. Combine ceramic, tile, or marble flooring with water, and you have a recipe for disaster.

To make your bathroom safer, we provide shower floor and bathtub anti-slip coating services in Georgia. Our experienced team will expertly install our slip-resistant coating without altering the appearance of your tub or shower floor. Investing in our non-slip tub or shower coatings is an especially good idea if you have children or elderly people in the home.

If you’re a landlord or business owner, it’s important that you’re OSHA-certified. Without the proper certifications, you open yourself to lawsuits over slips and falls. All our services come with an OSHA certification, ensuring you’re protected from fines and lawsuits.

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Taking a bath is great for unwinding after a long day. However, getting out of the tub might not be so relaxing. When wet, the smooth edges of a ceramic tub can become extremely slick. Our bathtub anti-slip coating services in Georgia provide the extra grip necessary for getting in and out of the tub safely. The coating is made from special ingredients that bind to the tub’s surface and will last for years.

Shower Floors

Showering is a daily ritual that gets you ready for the day ahead. Many of us don’t think about the possible risks of stepping into a shower, but it’s important to protect yourself and your loved ones. Most shower floors are made from tile, ceramic, or stone—and each surface becomes dangerously slippery when wet. Thankfully, our shower floor anti-slip coating services in Georgia ensure your safety for years to come.

Our tub and shower floor coatings are the ideal slip-and-fall protection for you and your loved ones. The extra grip gives you peace of mind. Contact us today for more information!